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TEFL ~ Surf ~ Spanish

Join the fun at our new location in Uvita, Costa Rica!


Proyecto Montezuma & Proyecto Uvita, Costa Rica ~ TEFL, Surf & Spanish School
Travel like you care by joining TEFL courses, volunteering, taking surf lessons, and learning Spanish.

Founded in 2017

Proyecto Montezuma


Montezuma is a small beach town on the Nicoya Peninsula that  thrives on a vibrant tourism industry. Thousands of tourists come to Montezuma every year for its endless beaches, jungle wildlife, picturesque waterfalls, and canopy excursions. 

Proyecto Uvita


Uvita is a vibrant surf town on Costa Rica's southern peninsula with a booming tourism industry. Thousands of globetrotters come to Uvita every year for the incredible waterfalls, amazing sunsets and great surf points for all levels



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Montezuma & Uvita, Costa Rica

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